What is EnglishTeachr?

When looking for an English teacher, how can you make sure that the candidates are sufficiently qualified to meet your needs? How do you know that they have the necessary experience to ensure quality training? This whole process can result in a laborious and ineffective task. https://englishteachr.eu is a tool whose aim is to facilitate the search of English teachers that meet the requirements you have.

Why look for an English teacher with englishteachr.eu?

In englishteachr.eu we guarantee quality. For a teacher to publish their Profile, they have to meet several requirements:

  1. Education, university degree or similar.
  2. TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language), Certificate such as “Cambridge UCLES CELTA”, “Trinity Certificate in TESOL” or similar.
  3. Native, or native level.
  4. Interview, during the interview we evaluate their capacity to teach.

On englishTeachr.eu the term native/mother tongue speaker means the person has a “native level” of language proficiency with complete command of the language, just the same as a person native of an anglophone country.

Our website has unique elements, such as our interactive map of teachers, providing a new way to find teachers.

How does it work?

Use the search function to find teachers.


Search by location, teaching area or any text.


Review profiles of teachers your have chosen.


Contact teachers you have chosen to agree price and timetables.

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Why should I choose a plan?

  • To guarantee quality we spend much time reviewing CVs and contacting teachers.
  • Each teacher has been evaluated and interviewed by us.
  • We are constantly recruiting teachers and our teacher base has a continual flow of candidates.
  • Our teacher base is a fantastic way for you to contact teachers directly.
  • Fast and efficient customer service – a quick response time when approving plans and answering questions.
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7 days access to our teacher base.

Publish 1 job offer.
*You can post and send 1 offer during 7 days. Each offer is published on our website for 7 days and will arrive by e-mail, one day maximum, to all teachers.

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15 Euros

Contact ALL + 1 Job offer

30 days access to our teacher base.

2 Job offers.
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45 Euros

Training Companies

Need teachers during the whole year?

1 year access access to our teacher base.

FEATURED Job Advert published for a 1 year
*You advert is published on our website for 365 days. You can modify it when you like.

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Download and save complete Resumes.

500 Euros

VIP Service

We take care of recruiting the best teachers according to your criteria.

Save time, and resources

Prices adjusted to your needs

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Job offers are published on social networks with more than 3000 professionals in the sector and will be e-mailed, one day maximum, to all teachers

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How can I contact you?

Contact us via our contact page: Contact.